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Our goal is to provide the BEST service in the Metro area; at the BEST price!  We save our customers $100's of dollars every day, while providing a service that is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau!  We dare you to compare! Whether you move with us or not... feel free to see our "money saving tips" on the next page.  These tips are sure to trim dollars off of every job!   The guaranteed way to save BIG money is to hire a moving company with a reputation for reliability, efficiency, AND the best rates in town!  A little known fact is that all Nebraska licensed movers are required by State regulation to bill hourly.  This regulation goes on to dictate that movers MUST file with the State, and bill; hourly rates for the Omaha Metro from $28-$47 per hour per mover and $28-$47 per hour per truck (and up to time and a half weekends and holidays).  Because these rates are public record... we know with confidence that our rates are the BEST IN TOWN!   Show us a lower lawful weekday rate in writing, Omaha Metro; and we'll come out and complete the job for free, up to $1,000! Our rates are as follows...

Budget Movers AND a Truck

Two Budget Movers & Truck....$105/hour

Three Budget Movers & Truck...$140/hour

Each add'l Budget Mover....add $35/hour

Budget Movers Only, No truck

Two Budget Movers.....$80/hour

Three Budget Movers...$120/hour

Each add'l Budget Mover...add $40/hour

  • State regulation requires ALL movers bill for the drive time to and from their vehicle headquarters..

  • State regulation requires ALL movers bill a fuel surcharge as set by the State.  This charge fluctuates with fuel prices.

  • Above rates are valid Monday-Saturday.  We add 15% to the final bill on Sundays and Holidays.

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$1,000 Best Rate Guarantee!!!

Simply show us a lower lawful weekday rate, Omaha Metro Area... and we will complete your job for free;  up to $1,000.