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Money Saving Moving Tips

Investigate your Movers
Not all moving companies are created equal.  There are plenty of shady, unreliable, and even illegal operations in the Area.  We recommend that you take steps to protect yourself.  Any legitimate moving will be registered with the Nebraska Public Service Commission and have a valid NPSC number. Most companies can be found on Google, and there you will find their customer service star rating and reviews. Read some reviews.  Find out what other customers liked and didn't like about the service.  Check their rating and reviews at the Better Business Bureau website.  Money Saving Tip: If your movers aren't Accredited by the BBB... do you really want them trolling through your house and handling your personal items and valuables?
Shop Rates and Reputation
Any mover in town can write a low estimate to get business, then apologize & make excuses when the bill is nearly double.  The prevalent practice for local household goods Movers is to bill hourly, per mover & per truck, rounded up to the nearest 1/4 hour, & including drive times to & from their vehicle terminal, plus a  fuel charge (plus other hidden charges). No matter who you call, you're getting manpower & a truck at an hourly rate. This is why our BEST rates save our customers $100's everyday.  Rates are filed with the State Commission for public record & billed accordingly.  Money Saving TipOur weekday rates are reputedly lower than any licensed competitor in town.  You likely want to hire a mover that has good rates & a good reputation for moving in a safe & efficient manner.  You're in luck!  You're on the Budget Movers website & we have both the Best Rates and the best rep in town; as seen on Google & the BBB website.  
Make a Reservation Asap
Whether it's with us or someone else... reserve your truck and manpower early.  Don't get caught without Movers on moving day!  When you book with us; you'll receive a confirmation receipt via email!  The busy season in our area is April through October, and peak season is June through August. In our experience; Friday is the busiest day of the week.  Money Saving Tip: Rates are a bit higher on weekends and some Holidays, so booking a weekday saves you money.  We run our service lean and mean, one of the many ways we undercut our competitors' prices on a daily basis!  This also means we do have dates that sell out.

Have Plenty of Supplies

When you request a truck from us it comes equipped with dollies, carts, cargo straps, blankets, basic tool box, and plastic wrap.  We will wrap your items at your direction at no additional cost.  Money Saving Tip: Prep your items before our arrival.  Supplies can be found at any Lowe's or Home Depot and may include boxes, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, packing tape, packing paper, etc... Save your receipt and you can always return what you don't use for a full refund.  Money Saving Tip: Garbage bags are much cheaper than boxes and pack into the truck quite well.  Many of our customers use garbage bags for packing clothes, towels, bedding, linens, cushions, pillows, etc.  Instead of ending up with so many expensive boxes to throw away... you end up with some perfectly usable garbage bags and some extra dollars in your pocket!

The days and weeks ahead of your move is the perfect time to de-clutter your home.  Every garbage bag that's thrown out, every furniture piece, box and bag you drop off at Goodwill is one less you're paying to have moved.  Money Saving Tip: Salvation Army will schedule a time to come to your house and pick-up your donations at no charge.  Money MAKING Tip:  A garage sale before your move is a great way to make a few dollars to tip your movers for great service!   Wink wink.  ;)
Pretty much all local, licensed Movers bill hourly... and so time literally is money!  We love to do it all, but any legwork that's done before we arrive shaves time and dollars off your bill.  As a budget-minded moving service... we find that most of our customers choose to do their own packing.   Money saving tips: Before your movers arrive: wrap any furniture as you see fit, disassemble/reassemble beds, desks, etc. Move boxes, totes, bags, and anything you're comfortable moving to the garage and/or ground level of your home. When unloading... instruct your movers to place boxes, totes, bags, and anything your comfortable with in the garage and handle it later, ​after you get off the billing clock.



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